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es2 Multi-view for school users
Share a single es2 site with your Federation or Academy partners. Incorporate your Pre-school or Nursery into your es2 website. View a sample site using Multi-view features

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Multi-level user menus

Create up to 25 custom menus! Check out the menus on this site for examples or go here for step-by-step instructions on how to set them up.


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es2 is compatible with IE9 and above, the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox on the PC and Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox on the Mac. es2 is also compatible with most touch devices and mobile phones*

*The es2 Control Panel will not work on Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad due to lack of support for some editing features.

Use this site to get information and help on using es2.
You will also be able to keep in touch with us and view manuals and guides to using es2

Use the menu on the left of the page to find what you want. You can also use the search tool to locate the information you need.

es2 is designed to be easy to use and will produce high quality, compliant Web pages with a minimum of effort. It is fully-featured and user manageable. If you think we have left out a useful feature then send us a message. If we think it is worth including, we will add it for everyone to use.

If you discover any problems or get any unexpected errors whilst using es2, please send us a message - where possible, include a screen image of the error you received and information about what you were doing just before the error appeared.

Some features of es2

  • Fully featured Control Panel
  • Multiple partners on a single site - schools only
  • Multi-level, user-defined navigation menus
  • Multiple login accounts
  • Custom Templates - create a unique look & feel for your site
  • Unlimited pages
  • Photo galleries
  • Personal Pages - schools only
  • Secure document server
  • News pages & Events Calendar with optional flash panels
  • Site page searches
  • Site map
  • Built in Google map integration Check out our map here
  • Google verification
  • Translation service via Google Translate or other service
  • Slideshows
  • Twitter & Facebook widgets
  • Fully supported by the EiS Kent Service Desk (0300 065 8888)

Schools only - register now!

If you would like your school to use es2 simply go here to register and we will contact you. Note: To use es2 we will need to point your current web address at your new site (i.e.: '' or '' etc.) .

Kent Parishes should contact our Service Desk on 0300 065 8888 for information about using es2.

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