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Creating links, Hyperlinks and E-mail

Creating a hyperlink

  • To create a link, enter the text  or place an image to be used as the link
  • Highlight the text or image
  • Click on the Insert/Edit link tool
    - The Link Properties box will open

If linking to an external Web site (i.e.

  • Enter the web address in the URL box. Note: If you enter: '' then the system wil automatically remove the 'http://' part.
  • Click the Target tab
  • set Target as (New Window _blank)
    This will open the link in a new window. Note: This only applies to external links.
  • Click OK to complete the process.

If linking to a page on your site

  • Open up your live Web site and navigate to the page you wish to link to. Copy the page reference that you wish to link to. (i.e., You only need the part shown in red.
  • Paste or type in this page reference into the URL box.
  • Select from the protocol drop-down.
  • Click OK to complete the process

If linking to a document

  • Click on the Insert/Edit link tool
    - The Link Properties box will open.
  • Click Browse Server
    - The Resources Browser will open.
  • Ensure that the 'File' folder is selected and open.
  • If the file is not already listed click 'Upload'.
  • Click 'Browse' to locate your document file on your machine.
    - The name of the file will appear in the Select box.
  • Click Upload Selected File.
    - This uploads the document file to your resources area.
  • Double click or right-click and Select the document you want to insert.
  • Open the 'Target' tab and select 'New Window (_blank)' as your target.
  • Click OK and the link will be created on your web page.


  • If using an image to link to, make sure you set the image border to 0. Right click on the image and select Image Properties, set border to 0. Otherwise your image link wil lhave a border applied to it.
  • Typing in the full URL into the content editor (i.e., will automatically create the link without you having to enter any settings. You can then change the 'label' if you wish. Note that you should still set the correct Target for the link to New Window _blank if you are linking to an external web site. To do this, right click the link and select Edit link then follow the instructions detailed above.

Creating an email link

  • Click on the Insert/Edit link tool
    - The Link Properties box will open
  • Select E-mail as the Link Type.
  • The dialogue box will display three new fields.
  • Enter the Email address.
  • If required, enter text to be used as the Message Subject.
  • If required, enter text to be usedin the Message Body.
  • Click OK to complete the process.














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