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What users say about es2!

Galleries: "Just used the upload tool, thank you so so much! Great stuff. This really is a game changer I now no longer have to resize and upload one by one amazing :D."
James - 7/1/13

“I have spent today updating the school website, my first experience of es2... and it is brilliant... so user friendly, thank you.”
David -  Ramsgate Holy Trinity C.E. (A.) Primary School - 1/8/12

"With no experience at all of building websites after just a few hours on es2 we had our homepage, latest news and diary dates up and running as well as some photos in our gallery. Our site pages were set up and now we just need to put the content on them. It all seemed all too easy but there were no catches! Well done EIS."
Kevin - Teynham - 5/3/09

"I have really enjoyed making our school website, the es2 software is great but website building is so addictive."
Janine - Otford - 6/2/09

"I am continuing to experiment with the new site. Our headteacher has now seen it and is very impressed. It is so easy to make it look professional!"
Cathrin - Weald of Kent - 11/6/08

"Thought it worth feeding back - es2 is a major improvement in terms of ease of use and functionality!"
Andy - Madginford Juniors - 28/5/08

"FWIW, I've been marching around eulogising about es2 - it's so much more intuitive - I should be able to get a TA trained up to keep us up to date, which I couldn't easily do with the old version, and it also gives me an opportunity for a rebuild! Thankyou!"
Andy - Madginford Juniors - 28/5/08

"... just to make you feel good everything I have done this morning has been brilliant once I got used to the new formats. Keep up the great work."
Dean - Wittersham - 12/5/08

"The product is great and I hope I can produce a website to do it justice!"
David - Borden - 1/5/08

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