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myPage offer a means for a school’s staff, pupils or governors to create and manage their own pages through your es2 website without having to signin to the es2 Control Panel. Pages can be either public facing or accessible only via a username/password combination. myPages are similar to Blogs but they do not have the wide range of features that a true Blog would have.

  • myPages can be public or private - You can set up 'private' log ins for your pages and hide them from public view. This might be useful for staff,  classes or other groups where public viewing is not required or desirable.
  • myPages can be moderated or non-moderated - You control whether content is suitable for publication.
  • myPages can have just one content item (like a web page) or any number of content items - like a blog.

If you are logged in as owner of the myPage you can:

  • Edit your content items
  • Hde content items
  • Change myPage titles
  • Personalise your page
  • Select the number of myPage modules to display
  • Automatically archive myPage modules

myPages are integrated into your es2 website. You can set up individual user logins and produce as many accounts and as much content as you like.

How to set up myPage

  • From the Main Menu click on General Settings. In General Settings, tick the box next to myPage in the Enable my pages section.
  • From the Main Menu, click on myPage.

Your myPage Administrator contains 3 sections:

  • Add a Personal Page Group (a class, club, form or other group)
  • Manage and Set-up myPage
  • Manage Personal Page Content

Many of the commands or tools provided are the same as in other Control Panel sections.

Add or edit a myPage Group

  • Type in a name for your Group
  • Tick to moderate the group
  • Tick to enable the group
  • Click Add group
  • To edit a group, select the group you wish to alter, make your changes and click Update group

You can:

  • Disable a group with one click
    All members of the group and their content will not be displayed
  • Delete a group and all it’s members

Manage and Set-up myPage

Fill in the fields as appropriate. Most are self-explanatory or guidance is provided contextually.

Screen name

  • Enter a unique screen name for each user

Skill level

  • Select a skill level appropriate to the user:
    Advanced provides a full set of content editing tool
    Novice provides a limited tool set.

Private Access

Entering a Username and Password in this section allows you to create ‘Private pages’ not available to public view. To view these areas, either a Private Access Username and Password or an Owners Screen Name and Password must be entered in the sign in panel.

Important: Ensure that the tick box for Show in Menu is cleared or un-ticked. If this box remains ticked, then your Private Access pages will be available to public view.

You can:

  • Disable this account with one click
    Messages on the account will not be displayed
  • Delete this account

Manage myPage Content

You can easily moderate and manage content created in Personal Page accounts.

  • Content requiring moderation is highlighted in red in the drop down selector.
  • Selecting an account displays a list of available content for that account

Managing content

  • Click on a title to view and manage the content

You can:

  • Approve the content for publication
  • Change the heading
  • Add a discrete message for the content owner only - your message will only display when the owner signs in
  • Hide the message from public view - the owner can override this from their own Content Editing panel
  • Delete content

When you have completed your changes:

  • Click Update this page to store any changes
  • Click Delete this page to completely delete the page

Page last updated:  Monday 1 June 2015

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