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Disabling the right-click on your es2 website

You may want to protect the images and text that you upload onto your es2 website.
The idea sounds pretty good but generally speaking this isn’t a good idea.

Why not?

It’s pointless!

If you imagine that disabling the right-click on your website will protect your images and content  - think again! Anyone who’s determined to copy your content will be able to do so regardless of whether they can access a browser context menu.

You can only disable the right-click function on browsers that have JavaScript enabled - a visitor to your site only has to turn off JavaScript in the browser’s options to be able to completely ignore any 'no right-click' script!

Bear in mind, that anyone who’s determined to steal your content will find a way - even if this means taking a screen capture or re-typing your words!

Visitors will find it annoying!

You don’t realise just how much you use right-click until you can’t use it! There are a lot of useful features in the short menu that it opens up. While most are available in the main browser menu, it is often more convenient to use the right-click menu.

Most of your visitors will come to your site to find information. Only a very small percentage of your visitors will land at your site with the intention of stealing from it. By trying to protect yourself from this small minority, you effectively alienate the majority who will use the right-click menu for legitimate reasons.

You are protected by copyright laws

es2 websites contain statements that remind visitors that your original content is owned by you and that they must ask your permission before downloading or copying. If they do not ask your permission, you should take them to task. An example ...

If you want to protect something that badly, there is a much simpler way to protect your content from being stolen, downloaded or re-used:
don’t put it on your website!

Page last updated:  Wednesday 9 April 2014

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