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Google Map - Finding the map reference co-ordinates

Google Maps screen shot showing how to get co-ordinates.
Click image to view it full size.

On Google Maps, search for the area of the map that you want. Click the settings button (cog) and select 'Share and embed map'. You can either use 'Share link' or 'Embed map'. To use the es2 plugin use the link provided in the 'Share link' section and copy the co-ordinates into the box in the Google map plugin tool. The link will look like this:,0.5490406,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x47df31f0a030422f:0x1c71ce07cb194117

The map reference co-ordinates you need are in red.

If you decide to use the 'Embed map' route then copy the HTML 'iFrame' script provided and paste into your es2 webpage while in 'Source' view. Set the width setting in the iFrame script to 100% or no more than 650 pixels.

Here is an example using the 'Embed map' iFrame script.

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