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Additional User logins

  • You can add additional user logins, allowing others to help you manage your web pages.
  • You can see who is signed in and who is currently working on a site page.

If someone else appears to be working on the page that you want to work on, you are not prevented from making changes yourself to the same page.

To set up additional user logins:

  • Sign in to your Control Panel using your Master Username and Password.
    This is the username provided when your account was originally set up and the password associated with it (You may have changed the password!).
  • Select the 'General settings' section from the main menu.
  • Navigate to the very bottom of the 'General settings' page.
  • Click on the 'Manage users and passwords' link.
  • Add, edit or delete users using the forms and tools provided.
  • Always enter a 'Real name' and 'Email' address. The real name is displayed in the 'Logged in' list so you know exactly who is working on the site.

You can also change the 'Master Password' here.

Users who sign in using an Additional User Login cannot add or edit Users and Passwords nor change the Master Password.

All passwords must be of industry standard strength. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters, start with a letter and include at least one number. You can create a stronger password by including an underscore[_] or a hyphen [-]. An example of a strong password would be: t6rr9-f1rma. ('Terra-firma'!). A password should be difficult for others to guess

Note: Make sure you always 'Sign Out' properly to ensure that all of the pages you have worked on during your session are 'Checked back in' for others to work on.

User login notifications only apply to Site Pages.


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