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You can add content here too!

Add text, links, tables, bullets and images. Position your content here or after the Contact box (if you are using it!).

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Top 10 Tips plus 1 or 2 extras!

When linking to another website, set Target to "New Window (_Blank)".

If you are linking to a document, set Target to "New Window (_Blank)".

Upload documents in PDF format not as Word documents - Word documents are editable!

Resize and crop your pictures before uploading them.

Set the image resolution of your pictures to 72 dpi.

Make your images no wider than 1,000 pixels if in landscape format - they can be smaller! Make your images no taller than 750 pixels if in portrait format - and, yes, they can be smaller too - es2 will automatically resize JPG images when you upload them. (The es2 content editor will automatically reduce the size and resolution of large JPG image files when you upload them.)

If you can, use the .PNG file format for graphic images - they can have transparent backgrounds and are better quality than a GIF file.

Always use JPG's for photographs.

Convert your Newsletters to PDF files and not JPG or PNG image files.

When creating a slideshow you will get the best effect if you make all of the images you use the same size and proportion - you may avoid blank spaces on your page!

Above all ...

... keep it simple!

... and here's a few more!

Split long pages of text into several smaller pages. You can easily create a menu structure to accommodate the extra pages. It will be much easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

Make full use of the 'Custom menus' feature, don't just leave everything in 'Site pages'. Visitors will find it harder to find the information that you want them to read. See FAQ about 'Site pages'

Try and make your pages interesting by using photographs and illustrations with your text. You can run text around some images and create slideshows and 'Lightbox' effects to enhance your visitors experience.

Create call outs to emphasise or highlight important information - just like this example!

Keep your site up-to-date. You can use the tools provided to set start and expiry dates to help you keep up with keeping up-to-date!

Plan your pages before creating them. Decide where they should fit in on the site. What sections or pages can they be grouped with to create an easy to navigate site structure?

When ordering any items, enter numbers like 10, 20, 30 or 100, 200, 300. You will find this helps if you need to re-order later. 1,2,3,4,5 ... just makes life difficult!

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