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Running text around an image

To run text around an image:

  1. Position the image at a suitable size to the immediate left** of the first paragraph that you want to run around (this could also be a heading (H1, H2, H3 etc.) – note: bullets don’t always look very good running around a picture).
  2. Select the image and open the ‘Image’ tool.
  3. Select either right or left from the ‘Align’ option.
  4. Open the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  5. In the ‘Style’ field add ;margin-right:1em; for a left positioned image or ;margin-left:1em; for a right positioned image. (You may not need to add the first semi-colon if there is one at the end of the existing style list.)
  6. Click OK and your text will run around the image.

**In actual fact, you can position an image anywhere inside a paragraph, but it will always go either to the left or right if you use the align attribute. It is just ‘tidier’ to position them to the left.

Jazzy pictureIf text isn’t running around the image then the image will not be inside the paragraph and you should drag it into position at the very beginning of the paragraph.

You can have more than one image with text running around within your page.

You only have the option to position an image to the left or right when you want to run text around it. HTML isn’t as flexible as print is. Whilst you can drag objects, you can only drop them where HTML allows you to. You don’t have the ability to free-position objects wherever you want. Unless they are inside an object like a paragraph, HTML objects will always cling to the left edge unless you attached an aligning format like right, left or centre.

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