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Google Translation

You can add a translation service to your es2 web site pages.

One popular service is Google Translate which can be embedded in your web site. There is an example on this information site.

Getting the script

You will need to have a Google account to install the Google Translate service.

  1. Log in to Google
  2. Go to Google Translate
  3. Click on 'Website Translator'
  4. Click '+ Add new website'
  5. Enter the web address of your site
  6. You will be presented with two snippets of script
  7. Copy both the 'Meta' tag and the second snippet containing the 'Div' and 'Script' tags.

Note: Ignore the Google instruction to place the 'Meta' tag before the the closing <\head tag>.

To add the content translation service to your es2 website

  1. From your control panel select 'Plug-ins'.
  2. In 'Plug-ins', select 'Content Translation'
  3. Paste the scripts provided by Google into the text box. 'Meta' tag first, followed by the 'Div' tags and 'Scripts'. It is important to ensure that all the scripts provided are copied and pasted.
  4. Select the position in your websites left-hand column where you wish to display the widget
  5. Tick publish
  6. Click 'Update/Save script'
  7. Test the installation.

The translation service will now be installed on your web site.

Things to note

For schools accessing their es2 websites inside the Schools Broadband network:
You may find that Google Translate is blocked. It is NOT BLOCKED for visitors accessing your site from outside of the Schools Broadband network. If you wish, you can contact the EiS Kent Service Desk, 0300 065 8888, to ask for the block to be lifted.

Google Translate may slow down your site under some circumstances, i.e., large blocks of text may take time to be translated.

Google Translate is a service provided and maintained exclusively by Google. EiS Kent will not accept responsibility under any circumstances for the accuracy of any translation or the provsion or availability of the Google Translate service beyond the provision of the es2 'Plug-in' 'Content translation' utility.

Page last updated:  Wednesday 17 December 2014

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