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Broomfield and Kingswood Parish Council

The Broomfield and Kingswood Parish Council websiteLast year, we were asked by Broomfield and Kingswood Parish Council to design a new look for their KPC website. The Council were still using the old version of our website management system so we wrote a new stylesheet and applied new photographs to create a more personalised and modern look for them.

When we recently updated our system to the latest version of es2, the new design was adapted to fit the new architecture of es2.

es2 has a totally different site menu structure so the original structure needed to be converted to use the new 'Custom menus' feature. This makes it much easier for visitors to find content as it is no longer necessary to hide it inside the 'Site pages' tab. This tab has now been relegated to a 'catch all' tab for any pages not associated with a 'Custom menu'. 'Custom menus' are easy to set up and easy to link all your content pages to.

The new es2 version has many new features that will help you to quickly create an interesting and attractive website.

If you would like EiS Kent to create a custom and personalised look for your KPC website contact our Service Desk on 0300 065 8888. We will be happy to give you a quote for the design and installation.

Page last updated:  Monday 30 March 2015

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