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Paying for es2

You may have received a statement from EiS Kent detailing a 'new' charge for es2.

Prior to 1 April 2015, the cost of using es2 was included as an integral part of the Schools Broadband package. As a result, the cost of es2 was included whether a school used es2 or not.

In order to have a fairer charging system, EiS have decided to separate out the cost of using es2 so that only schools actually using es2 will be charged.

In effect, there is no real change as schools have always been charged for using es2. From April 2015, it is simply being shown as a separate charge.

For more information contact EiS Kent on 0300 065 8800 or email our Support Team.

Page last updated:  Friday 8 May 2015

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