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Display a set of random images in the masthead

Display up to 9 images randomly in the masthead. The masthead will change each time you click to another page.

How does it work?

It couldn't be easier! Just create a new folder inside the 'Images' section of your Resource Browser using the Resource manager and name it: mastheadimages.

Upload your images into the new folder. In 'General Settings' tick 'Use a set of random images in the masthead' under 'Masthead settings' and refresh your web site.You can upload more than 9 images but only the first 9 image files that are found will be used.

Your website will now display your set of images randomly in the masthead each time you click a page link.

Image size

To get the best results make each of your images 980 pixels wide by 280 pixels deep. They can be JPG, PNG or GIF files. If the images are larger they will be trimmed off at the right and bottom edges.

Naming your files

Image files can have any name you like.




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